Wainwright 40


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Wainwright 40

Designed for residential and commercial landscape applications. Wainwright 40 will provide a beautiful, well-manicured look in your yard without all the pesky maintenance. The W - Shaped blades provide a durable surface, perfect for backyards and highly used areas. The W - Shaped blades also help to reduce light reflection and heat absorption.

Key Features:

  • Most durable grass
  • Realistic appearance
  • Reduces light reflection and heat absorption
  • Easy to clean
Wainwright 40 ace turf product
Grass Tolerance: Heavy Foot Traffic
U/V Stabilized: Yes
Blade Material: Polyethylene
Blade Shape: W - Shaped Blade
Colour: Forest Green
Drainage: 28 inches / SQ Yard / Hour
Total Weight: 88 oz / SQ Yard
Pile Height: 40mm
Tuft Gauge: 3/8"
Backing: Double Polypropylene Cloth + Polyurethane
Roll Width: 12 Feet
Warranty: 8 Years

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