Playground with turf

Playgrounds and Sports areas using Synthetic Grass

Installing synthetic or artificial grass in areas where children play or in sporting areas for older kids has many advantages. There are obvious situations such as allergies but there are a few others.

When working with a professional artificial grass installer the correct playground or sports field grass will be chosen. Artificial grass for these areas have different fiber types, pile height, tuft (grass blade) widths. If an incorrect product is chosen it may not be as durable as a product meant for play and sports.

Playground and sports areas with natural grass require more maintenance. The constant traffic breaks down the grasses therefore requiring care. When natural grasses are not maintained injuries can happen. For example, scraped knees or elbows, or even more serious injuries. Synthetic grass requires less maintenance, is more durable, and, when properly installed by experienced installers, fewer scraped knees.

Play and sport artificial grasses cushion falls thereby adding more protection against injury. Properly installed using the correct under material, and purchasing the correct product for playgrounds is adding a safe environment.

Using a synthetic product in play areas can be a cleaner environment. Depending on size of course, a smaller area can simply be hosed off to keep it clean. Larger areas can be maintained easily with a broom or leaf blower to remove leaves or other items. Think of winter? Artificial grass stands up to the elements. The ‘grass’ will be ready for play well into the fall and earlier in the spring.

There are playground and sports grasses for various size areas. Contact Ace Turf by phone (1-833-220-2155) or contact us online for a quote. Our knowledgeable installers are ready to work with you.