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Why Choose Synthetic Grass & Where Should it be Installed

During the winter Canadians dream of green grass. Spring we can’t wait for nature to green up the trees, grass, flowers. Summer is the time to be out with family and friends, but the grass needs cutting, watering, fertilizing. Fall time is prepare the yard for winter – cut the grass again, winter fertilize. Is there an alternative? Yes!

Synthetic grass is not your grandfather’s product. Now products look like the real thing and there are more choices in the product. Some benefits to having artificial grass:

  • Great for persons with allergies
  • Easy to care for and maintain
  • Beneficial to the bees – no pesticides or fertilizer spraying
  • Reduce the need to use water – better for the environment
  • Grass is always green – best lawn in the neighbourhood
  • No mowing needed when you go on holiday.

When deciding where artificial grass can be installed keep in mind it works in places traditional grasses or gardens wouldn’t. Balconies in condos for example. Especially those large spaces. Imagine a bit of green space. Anywhere, plus, are artificial grass areas:

  • Pet areas
  • Children play areas
  • Any sports activity areas
  • Small yards to any size yard
  • Hard to grow areas

There are few limits. An experienced professional can help you choose the best product and get the installation done correctly. Always choose a trusted professional like the team at Ace Turf. Our team is ready. Contact us toll-free at 1-833-220-2155 or on our website.