Why a Professional Should Install

Why a professional should install artificial grass

The decision has been made. You are done with mowing, seeding, fertilizing you lawn. Time to install artificial grass. Don’t you just go to the store, like Home Depot, and pick up the synthetic turf. Bring the product home and lay it down in the yard. Right?

Before deciding to install artificial grass yourself it is important to understand the steps required to ensure the best results.

  • Is the installation area cleared? If there is currently no grass, the area still needs prepping. If there is grass, it must be removed. No debris, old plants or weeds should be in the area.
  • The entire region must be level.
  • The artificial grass is not installed directly onto the bare ground. There should be a correct layer  of sharp sand which is then compacted.
  • The new grass must be laid down in a proper manner. Consider the grain of the synthetic grass product. Consider how the grass is held in place. Consider water runoff.

These are but a few of the considerations when deciding to install artificial grass. If the process is not done right old vegetation will rot and smell, water could pool in the wrong place, or other mishaps. To get the most from your investment, work with a professional like Ace Turf. Working with knowledgeable professionals before you purchase will help in choosing the right product for the area. They will then go through the installation process with you, giving you piece of mind the job will be done correctly. Having The Home Depot Advantage, as Ace Turf does, guarantees

  • Quality Work – install experience and skill
  • Reliable and stress free – professional team of installers meeting all the working standards
  • Results Guaranteed – 100% satisfaction with the installation

Let the professionals do the job to ease your mind. Once your professional team has completed the installation, don’t forget to ask about any maintenance your new ‘lawn’ will require. Some easy care instructions will keep your investment looking beautiful for a long time  – freeing you to spend your time more enjoyably.

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