What is Artificial Grass

What is Synthetic or Artificial Grass?

“AstroTurf” was known first to the sporting world. In the early 1960’s, an American textile researcher named David Chany lead a university research team in the creation of the product. Later, the Monsanto company was involved which eventually lead to the new invention becoming known as ‘astroturf’. Today, AstroTurf is the name of the company best known for today’s sports fields. Synthetic or artificial grass now used for residential, commercial and, of course, sporting installations.

So what is synthetic grass? In a word or two, synthetic grass is man made grass. The typical material used is polyethylene. For those science minded it is a polymer – chemical based. The same product used in other everyday items such as grocery bags, toys, plastic bottles, you name it. What is synthetic grass ? It’s plastic grass. Synthetic grass is durable and long lasting. Perfect for Canadian winters.

Though most synthetic grass is a polyethylene, they are not all exactly the same. When working with your professional synthetic grass expert, the specialist will guide you through a variety of products. Depending on where the product is going to be used, this factor will decide what type of fiber, height of the grass (pile), colouring, thickness of the grass (tuft gauge), and other specifications should be considered when choosing your synthetic grass. What is required in a pet area will differ from a playground area.

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